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  • List of cares and services Translation and classification are under process


    As of October 15, vaccine passports will be required in all CISSS de Laval facilities and all Laval  Intermediate resources, Family-type resources and Private seniors’ residences.

    Vaccine passports will not be required for:

    • Anyone entering one of these places to receive health or social services
    • Anyone accompanying a child under age 14
    • Anyone accompanying someone delivering a baby
    • Anyone accompanying someone incapable of consenting to the care their state of health requires
    • Anyone accompanying someone who, for health or safety reasons, requires assistance that the facility cannot provide
    • Anyone visiting a loved one in end-of-life care
    • A parent or guardian of a child in a rehabilitation centre for troubled youth
    • Anyone awarded visiting rights by the Court of Québec.

    Concerning hospitals centers and living environments