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  • Residential Resources

    A Special Kind Of Home

    We have developed a network of residential resources to respond to the accommodation needs of our clients.

    In the Laval region, we are constantly looking for new residential resources to find welcoming places that help people actively participate in the social life of their communities.

    To achieve this goal, we have a close relationship with each residential resource. The institution provides professional support and an emergency service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    Financial compensation for this commitment is established by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux.

    What Types Of Clients Need Residential Resources?

    Children, adolescents, adults and seniors who have an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. These people need to live in a place that fosters their residential, social and community independence.

    Open Your Home And Open Someone To The World

    Who can manage a residential resource?

    A single person or a couple with or without children who are familiar with our clients and who:

    • Reside in the Laval territory or who want to move here. 
    • Have a budget that sufficiently covers their own needs. 
    • Are ready to invest to meet the needs of the people they welcome in their home. 
    • Are available to regularly work with various stakeholders involved with our clients.  
    • Are open and respectful of the values of these individuals and their families and of the institution. 

    How do I become a manager of a residential resource?

    If you meet these criteria, please contact the CISSS de Laval - CRDITED. You will then be invited to submit a service offer. If this service offer meets the needs of our clients, an evaluation will be done with our social workers.

    For more information, contact us at the following email address:

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    Residential resources service
    CISSS de Laval
    304 Cartier Boulevard West
    3rd Floor
    Laval, Quebec  H7N 2J2
    Phone: 450-662-8788, extension 47269
    Fax: 450-662-6880

    Our staff will be pleased to answer your questions.