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  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

    History of the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

    1955 Creation of the Jewish Convalescent Centre by the Jewish Community – a 15-bed non-sectarian institution located at 3100 Levesque Boulevard West in the Village of l’Abord-à-Plouffe (a constituent village of the City of Chomedey, Laval).
    1962 Facing a growing demand for its services, the centre doubled its capacity to 30 beds by renting a second house across the street.
    1964 Purchase of a vacant lot located at 3205 Alton-Goldbloom Place and the start of construction on a 120-bed convalescent hospital (our current site).
    1964 The name of the institution changes to the Jewish Convalescent Hospital.
    1965 The hospital starts moving away from convalescence care and towards active rehabilitation. The focus is on developing inpatient services in neurology, orthopedics and subacute care.
    1966 Inauguration of the new site. The JRH remains the only hospital on Jesus Island until 1978.
    1968 The hospital becomes accredited by Accreditation Canada for the first time.
    1984 The name of the hospital is changed to the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital.
    1995 An expansion project (Pavilion B) adds physical space for the development of ambulatory services and research.
    1996 The Laval Regional Health Board confers upon the JRH, the mandate of regional centre for the care of adults and children with physical disabilities in Laval.
    Since 1996 Substantial development of our programs and services in rehabilitation.
    2005 Creation of the first Technical Aids Service in Laval providing service to individuals (children and adults) with functional incapacities requiring technical aids relating to mobility and posture.
    2005 An expansion project adds 35,058 square feet (Pavilion D) allowing for the expansion of our ambulatory programs, the addition of 12 beds to our permit (132 total beds) as well as additional space for research.
    2009 Relocation of the Technical Aids Service to a 14,500 square foot building located at 560 Cartier Boulevard West.