Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

General information

Visiting Hours

Visitors are welcome until 9:00 pm


The JRH offers 4 bedded rooms, semi-private and private rooms (rate may apply).
If you have private insurance, please verify with your insurer if the cost of a semi-private or private room in rehabilitation is covered.

Entertainment System

Such system may be rented, you just have to complete a form found at the nursing unit. The system may be use for TV and for all options available including internet access, games, audio books, etc.

Electrical Appliances

Except for electric razors, only battery-operated appliances are allowed.


Paid parking is available for visitors and patients.

Kosher environment 

The Dietary Department operates the food system for the Hospital and follows Jewish dietary laws. Meat and dairy products are never served at the same meal.


The cafeteria is open Monday to Friday (from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm) for our employees, patients and visitors.