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  • Parenting group for parents of children aged 5 to 12

    Do you feel like you have no idea how to act with your child? That you’re constantly giving in, repeating yourself, or making threats to get them to obey you? If yes, then this group is for yo

    Workshop description

    Inspired by the Démarre le chargement du fichier parents of defiant children with ADHD (PEDAP) and Démarre le chargement du fichier proactive parents programs, this group helps parents develop new tools and abilities to increase their confidence in their parenting skills. This group will also break your isolation as a parent and let you spend quality time with other parents.

    Workshop content: Step-by-step process to help parents better understand why children disobey, to reinforce good behaviour, and to better manage oppositional behaviour. The many topics covered include the parent-child relationship, positive reinforcement, emotion management, the stages of childhood development, discipline and self-esteem. 


    Who are these workshops for?


    • Parents of defiant children aged 5 to 12
    • Workshop format
    • Run by two CISSS de Laval staff members 
    • Seven 2.5-hour meetings, once a week in the evening 
    • Location:  Ouvre un lien interne dans la fenêtre couranteCLSC du Ruisseau-Papineau, 800 Chomedey Boulevard, Tower C, 2nd Floor, Room 201
    • Offered in French only


    Who do I contact for these services?

    • Info-Social 811, option 2