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  • Eating well to stay healthy Workshop for seniors

    This program is for people aged 55 and older who want to know more about nutrition. The goal is to help you improve your food choices so that you develop healthy habits. 

    The meetings are led by a nutritionist from the CISSS de Laval.

    Duration :

    One 2-hour course per week, for 6 weeks (includes a break with a nutritious snack).


    • Promote the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet
    • Rediscover the pleasure of eating
    • Learn about food misconceptions
    • Learn about your nutritional needs
    • Learn the best way to keep foods

    Talk about topics like:

    • Cardiovascular disease and omega-3’s and antioxidants
    • How to read food labels
    • The digestive system and its related problems and conditions (constipation, diverticulosis, diarrhea)


    • Be able to read and to work in a group
    • Be a resident of Laval

    Registration and information

    By phone: Accueil santé première ligne (APL) 450 627-2530 ext. 64922