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  • Québec Breast Cancer Screening Program (PQDCS)

    Program goals

    The goals of the Québec Breast Cancer Screening Program (PQDCS) are to:

    • Reduce the breast cancer mortality rate by 25% over 10 years.
    • Improve early detection of breast cancer in women aged 50 to 69.
    • Increase the detection of small tumours.
    • Improve access to screening mammography.
    • Ensure that screening is done in centres that follow high quality standards.
    • Ensure that services aim to promote satisfaction and maintain women’s quality of life in the context of their needs and rights, particularly their right to confidentiality and their right to make an informed decision.

    Target population

    All women residing in Quebec aged 50 to 69 years who have a health insurance card from the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) are invited to participate in the PQDCS, which offers a screening mammogram every two years.


    The PQDCS includes a number of services:

    • A mailed invitation to women to get screened.
    • Screening mammograms.
    • Results sent to women and their treating doctors.
    • A reminder sent every two years to women who have signed up for the program.
    • Investigation of any detected abnormalities.
    • Follow-up for any woman who has received an abnormal result from a screening mammogram.