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  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

    History of the Foundation

    In 1970 the Castonguay-Neveu report and subsequent Bill 65, changed the entire structure and funding of Quebec’s health-care system. Operating costs of hospitals and all other health-care services were from then on, going to be assumed by the government.

    As a result, in July 1973 the Hospital governing body was restructured and the JRH Foundation was incorporated with Stan Hyman, as its first President. The initial purpose of the Foundation was to collect monies through legacies, community and voluntary contributions and supplement the government’s funding.

    In 1989 the Long-Range Planning Committee, chaired by Arnold Shostak, spearheaded the broadening of the Foundation’s original goals and mandate. The Foundation would actively fundraise not only to supplement government funding, but rather it would fund building, rebuilding and expansion of patient care, research, education and cultural activities.


      Anciens présidents de la Fondation :

    Marvin Corber, C.A.1971-1972                                                             
    Stanley Hyman1972-1976
    Ab Robins1976-1981
    George Reinhart, Honorary President1981-1983
    Carl Charlap1983-1984
    Murray Kotler1984-1986
    Arnold Shostak1986-1991
    George Reinhart, Honorary President1991-1992
    Lynne Kassie1992-1994
    Issie Wiseman1994-1997
    Arthur Diamond *1997-1999
    Etty Bienstock1999-2001
    Michael Feil2001-2003
    George Reinhart, Honorary President2003-2005
    Grace Alter2005-2008
    Irwin Tauben2008-2010