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  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital


    The Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital (JRH) is a general and specialized care hospital focusing on rehabilitation.  It is in addition the regional centre for pediatric and adult services for individuals with physical disabilities.  The Hospital offers (2nd line) adaptation and rehabilitation services, support to social reintegration services and accommodation in non-institutional residences.  The objective of these services is the recovery of optimal autonomy.

    The JRH is a designated bilingual establishment welcoming a culturally diverse clientele while maintaining traditional links with its founding Jewish community. Our interdisciplinary team includes a wide variety of professionals and consultants, working in a secure environment to continuously ensure improvement of the quality and excellence of care and services.  The staff benefits from a healthy and motivating work environment that fosters professional development.

    The institution also contributes to the development and implementation of regional and interregional service continuums through partnerships with public, private, and community networks.

    The JRH, which is affiliated with McGill University, also has the objective of contributing to research, teaching, and assessment in the areas of technology and methods of clinical intervention. The JRH spares no effort in its quest to remain an innovative institution at the cutting edge of technology and a leader in the field of physical rehabilitation.