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  • Support group for family caregivers Workshop for seniors

    This program is for anyone who provides significant and ongoing or occasional support as a non-professional to a senior who has an incapacity. This program supports you in your role so that it is easier to carry out.

    The workshop is led by a social worker at the CISSS de Laval.


    One 2-hour course per week for 12 weeks.


    • Understand cognitive impairments
    • Prevent exhaustion
    • Adapt to new realities
    • Understand the different types of grief
    • Learn about prescribed medication
    • Promote the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet
    • Better communicate with the person with an incapacity
    • Learn about different legal issues (protection mandates and wills)
    • Learn how to adapt your environment
    • Get information about different types of housing resources


    • The caregiver or person with the incapacity must be able to work in a group
    • Be a resident of Laval

    Registration and information

    By phone: Info-Social 811, option 2