Exercise your brain Workshop for seniors

This program is for people aged 55 and over who are worried about age-related intellectual changes and who want to keep their minds sharp.

The workshop is led by a social worker at the CISSS de Laval.


One 2-hour course per week for 8 weeks.


These workshops are not for seniors living with Alzheimer's or any other form of dementia.


  • Know the factors that influence your brain health
  • Learn to stimulate your memory
  • Learn how the brain works
  • Start practising daily memorization tricks
  • Know the relationship between stress and memory
  • Use your creativity to create your own memory tricks


  • Be able to read and work in a group
  • Do not have significant memory problems
  • Be able to remember new information
  • Be a resident of Laval

Registration and information

By phone: Info-Social 811, option 2