Postoperative diet

Video: nutritionist’s tips

Valérie Lemay, a nutritionist at the CISSS de Laval, explains postoperative diet (from 2 min 18 sec. until  the end). The video is available in French only

Postoperative diet guide

After your surgery, you will need to follow a progressive diet to give your stomach time to heal. It is very important to follow each step for its duration to avoid any type of complication.

You can take a group class before your surgery to learn more about what the progressive diet entails. At the class, you’ll also get tips to help you with the diet along with a food guide. 

Diet overview:

Step 1Strict liquid diet for 3 days (hospita)
Step 2Nutritious liquid or semi-liquid diet for 14 days
Step 3Pureed diet for 14 days
Step 4Ground/pureed diet for 7 days
Step 5Soft diet for 7 days
Step 6Normal/soft diet


The 2 main priorities when it comes to your food choices are:

Apple and applesauce
  1. Consuming enough protein (about 60 to 80g per day)
  2. Consuming 1.5 to 2 L of liquid to prevent dehydration

Tip: To efficiently calculate protein and other nutrients, you can use mobile apps such as MyFitnessPal. Otherwise, write down what you eat in a journal and ask your nutritionist for advice.

You will have to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day to meet your needs. It is also suggested that you only drink fluids 30 minutes before or after each meal.