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  • Abortion

    Before making an appointment for an abortion, you must first do a pregnancy test at home, at the pharmacy or at your CLSC. Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant and that you have made the choice to have an abortion, you can get an appointment.

    The mission of the abortion clinic of the CLSC du Marigot is to provide women in Laval and neighbouring regions with quick access to abortion services. Any woman who has a valid health insurance card, a temporary attestation of stay from the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec, an immigration document, or any other document allowing you to access health care in Quebec can access this free service. In all other circumstances, you can still get an abortion, but you must pay the fees for the procedure beforehand.

    If you feel a need to talk about your experience or if you are feeling upset and this lasts for two weeks, contact us to make an appointment with a psychosocial support worker. You may find comfort in talking about your situation with a neutral person who understands you. These sessions are free and confidential.

    Make an appointment

    To make an appointment, call 450 668-1444, extention 45183.