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  • Program for long-term intensive home services for people with disabilities

    Long-term intensive home services for people with disabilities (POSILTPH) are for people aged 60 and under at the time of admission and whose profile is consistent with someone with a disability. The need must be for a minimum of 5 hours a week of services (physical assistance and household help) for recognized needs as per the evaluation tool and service selection guidelines. 

    Main program goals

    The program goals are to help people with disabilities stay at home while maintaining their independence and life in the community; to support families so that they can fulfil their responsibilities; to help prevent or delay institutionalization; and to prevent exhaustion in family caregivers.

    For activities of daily living (help with hygiene, getting dressed, etc.) the program delivers services in three ways: from health and social services assistants from the CISSS, with a service employment pay cheque, or from private home care agencies. 

    For help with activities of daily living, contact the Coopérative de soutien à domicile de Laval. Users who need help must get a comprehensive and personalized evaluation to determine which service type is best for their needs.

    Services are provided up to the amount of what it would cost to house a person with the same needs profile in a public institution.