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  • Individualized service plan (ISP/IP)

    In the health and social services network, An Act respecting health services and social services requires all institutions to develop an individualized service plan for each person who uses their services when the user’s situation requires the delivery of services from more than one institution. This plan indicates the needs, goals, methods and likely duration of the services provided.

    This approach helps institutions and organizations plan and coordinate all services required to meet the needs of the individual, with the active participation of the person or their representative and in the context of the person’s educational or personal goals. This approach must constantly provide the person and their family and loved ones with ways to participate in the decisions that affect them.

    To develop and update the IP/ISP, the CISSS de Laval - CRDITED recognizes that everyone involved has a role to play. The case manager works with the user, the user’s family and other partners (the school, CPE, workplace, etc.).

    • Users participate in developing their IP/ISP by identifying their needs and expressing their wants, goals and vision as well as the difficulties that they want to change or improve. Within their abilities, users are the main stakeholder of their own intervention plan.
    • Parents or representatives get involved, as agreed, in all steps of the intervention plan. They are collaborators and facilitators for their loved one and the case manager.
    • The CISSS de Laval – CRDITED shares responsibilities with all partners to help each one fulfill their mission and provide them with support and assistance. 
    • The case manager receives and analyzes the request to clearly understand the difficulties expressed by the person and the person’s representative. They plan and update their services according to the agreed-upon priorities and regularly inform their clients of these updates. They establish the conditions to make these services a success (time of visits, duration, necessary equipment, meetings, etc.).

    To learn more, readDémarre le chargement du fichier La démarche liée aux PSI/PI expliquée étape par étape (The IP/ISP explained step by step). (In French only.)