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  • Centre de réadaptation en dépendance

    Support group.

    The Centre de réadaptation en dépendance de Laval provides services for Laval youth and adults who are experiencing problems with alcohol, medication, drugs or gambling. They also provide services for the friends and family members of these clients.

    Types of support

    These programs provide different intensities of treatment in different formats:

    • Group sessions
    • Individual sessions
    • Family sessions
    • Couples sessions

    One of these sessions will be suggested based on a specialized evaluation of the person’s drug or gambling problem. Each program also provides help to the person’s loved ones.

    The services are delivered by specialized teams who run outpatient rehabilitation programs tailored to the specific life stages of each clientele. Users can also stay at inpatient rehabilitation centres through service agreements with certified partners.

    The goal of treatment is to decrease the negative impacts and harm of the addiction and improve the person’s quality of life. These goals are part of a broader continuum of services, from control of the person’s use to complete abstinence from the substance.

    Since the goal is also to promote lasting change, it is important to get the friends and family of the addicted person involved (known as a “systemic approach”). Different partners also follow clients throughout their recovery.

    Health evaluation and follow-up by a nurse

    People with an addiction or dependence problem can get a health care evaluation that includes:

    • Assessment of the risks of complications from withdrawal.
    • Health evaluation and follow-up for any physical problems (sleep problems, diet, hepatitis, etc.) related to the addiction.
    • Close monitoring of clients in the drug replacement therapy program.

    How do I access this service?

    By phone, call Info-Social at 811, option 2