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  • Bed bugs

    Bed bugs can be found in any type of residence, luxurious or modest, clean or unhealthy. You do not have to be ashamed if these insects end up in your home. The important thing is to act quickly to eliminate them.

    Although bedbugs do not transmit diseases, the bites they inflict on sleepers can create anxiety, stress and compromise the quality of life of people struggling with an infestation.

    How to recognize bed bugs?

    Size comparaison between a bed bug and a apple seed (4 to 7 mm) 

    The bedbug is a shiny, wingless, brownish, 4-8 mm (about 1/8 ") long apple-like insect that resembles a flattened apple seed. It is visible to the naked eye, does not jump and does not fly.

    As the bug feeds on human blood at night, it is mostly on the mattresses of the bedrooms. She usually flees the light. Depending on the extent of the infestation, bed bugs could also be found in cracks in floors, walls and furniture, wherever there is an opening corresponding to the thickness of a credit card.

    How to detect them?

    There are indications that bed bugs may be present: small black spots on the sheets, mattress or box spring, live or dead bedbugs, bedbugs that have moulted, or whitish eggs the size of which a pinhead.

    Precautions before moving

    • Carefully inspect your new home with special attention to the bedrooms. Using a flashlight, check for cracks, cracks and moldings, especially in bedrooms.
    • Thoroughly clean the parts by vacuuming. Dispose of the bag or contents of the vacuum cleaner outdoors in a closed trash can.
    • Make sure that the moving truck and used blankets are free of bedbugs. If you hire a moving firm, find out about its preventive measures (eg cleaning the truck and covers).

    What to do if your new home is infested?

    • Notify your landlord as soon as possible to stop an infestation in the building. He must then contact a certified exterminator.
    • Avoid fixing the problem yourself.
    • Check the condition of mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture. Most can be treated if they are infested. Before disposing of them, consult a certified exterminator.

    Precautions with used objects

    • Do not pick up mattresses, furniture or found objects outside or in garbage. They can be infested.
    • Inspect and thoroughly clean used items before introducing them into the home.

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