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  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

    Communication Aid Program


    Assessment, referral and follow-up services related to technical aids to support oral, non-oral and written communication as well as for environment control and the use of a telephone.


    Adults with a motor or language impairment and a significant and persistent disability to communicate, speak, write, use a computer or control the environment. The person must demonstrate the ability to use a communication aid.

    Location of Intervention

    The majority of the services are provided at the JRH Technical Aids Service of the CISSS of Laval located on Cartier Boulevard.  Some interventions may be carried out in the person’s home.

    Request for Service

    Click on the following link: Ouvre un lien interne dans une nouvelle fenêtreAccès aux services en DI-TSA et DP.


    450 688-5728, extension 84225