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  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

    Message from the President

    It is a real honor and privilege for me to serve as the next President of the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation. Before I continue, I wish to thank the outgoing President: Mr. Irwin Tauben.

    Irwin, you helped maintain and put into place the foundations that are making this organization such a great success, such as the Mezuzah Campaign, where over $100,000 was raised, and the much needed renovation of one of our waiting rooms. You showed tremendous devotion, hard work, elite leadership skills, persistence, and respect towards each individual on the Board.

    You made a challenging job look very easy. I am honored to thank you, I applaud you for a term well done, and I look forward to working with you in the near future. May you go from strength to strength.

    I would like to express to you how proud I am to be a part of this incredible institution. I would like the Hospital, the Foundation members and our clients to know that it is my intention, during my mandate, to be available. The JRH is here to serve you; clinically, and through its educational and research centres.

    I look forward with enthusiasm to confront the challenges that will come my way. I will do all in my power to manage the Foundation with integrity, honesty and effort, to maintain and improve its already excellent reputation. It is due to this reputation that the Mayor of Laval has publically stated that: “The JRH is the hidden jewel of Laval for rehabilitation medicine”.

    As for my goals, I have the intention of reaching out to the Laval business community for support. I feel that they have a moral obligation towards the Laval community and our Hospital since approximately 70% of our clientele is from Laval. I therefore will set up a Committee with the help of our Foundation Director to sensitize the Laval business community to our needs.

    Furthermore, as the Hospital continues to develop and expand its new and existing programs, the Board and I will continue to support the Hospital’s dreams and aspirations. We will work together, side by side, to help facilitate all new programs in the future. As a result of our endeavors, I am looking forward to seeing incredible growth and continued development of the Hospital as one of the best rehabilitation hospitals in North America.

    My sincere and profound thanks to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Foundation for their confidence shown in me. I promise that you will not be disappointed, and am confident that you will be satisfied with the results.

    Thank You,

    Isaac Israel