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  • Surgical treatment of an aneurysm

    Your surgeon will recommend this surgery:

    • If the aneurysm is greater than 5.5 cm in men and 5 cm in women. 
    • If the aneurysm is growing quickly.
    • If you have symptoms.

    A. Open repair surgery

    To reach the aneurysm, the surgeon makes an incision in your abdomen or side and repairs the aorta by replacing the aneurysm with a synthetic tube. 


    The aorta is clamped
    1- The aorta is clamped
    The aneurysm is opened and ablated
    2- The aneurysm is opened and ablated (flattened)
    A synthetic stent is implanted
    3 - A synthetic stent is implanted to restore blood flow.

    B. Endovascular repair

    Endovascular repair consists of repairing the aneurysm from inside the artery. This is a less invasive procedure compared to an open repair surgery.  

    Your surgeon will make a small incision in an artery in one or both sides of the groin and insert a synthetic prosthetic, called a stent, from inside the artery up to the aorta. The stent will then be placed to deviate blood flow away from the aneurysm.

    Endovascular repair

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