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  • Perinatal Bereavement Clinic

    The Perinatal Bereavement Clinic provides services to bereaved family members who have lost a child in the perinatal period (i.e., from conception to the age of 1 month). The clinic nurses can also give you personalized referrals to other health care professionals. The clinic’s goals are to:

    • Support grieving parents
    • Help you get through the mourning period
    • Help parents, couples, and family members cope with their grief
    • Help you understand how your relationship may be affected by the loss
    • Help you understand and cope with the impact of the loss on your relationships
    • Help you find strategies to adapt to the loss
    • Work on what the loss may trigger from your past (if required)
    • Help you get ready to go back to work
    • Support you during your next pregnancy

    Bereavement services

    • Bereavement counselling with a nurse.
    • Follow-up for individuals, couples or families based on identified needs. For residents of Laval.
    • “Mes anges” support group led by a nurse. This group is open to anyone, no matter which territory you live in.

    Eligible clients and where to send your referral

    The Perinatal Bereavement Clinic provides services to clients who live in Laval. Your health care professional must send a referral at Service de périnatalité universelle of CISSS de Laval:

    Contact us

    Laval parents who do not have a referral can contact the clinic nurse themselves:

    Perinatal Bereavement Clinic of the Youth/Perinatal Program

    /typo3conf/l10n/fr/rtehtmlarea/Resources/Private/Language/fr.locallang_accessibilityicons.xlf:external_link_new_window_altText CLSC de Sainte-Rose
    280 Roi-du-Nord Blvd., Laval
    450-978-8300, extension 18349