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  • Family support

    The parents of babies or young children as well as future parents can get a full range of services in the region. The CISSS de Laval provides advice about:

    • Pregnancy
    • Baby care
    • Breastfeeding
    • Diet
    • Vaccinations
    • Education
    • Child behaviour
    • Family life

    Future parents can also take prenatal classes, get post-natal appointements, and attend breastfeeding clinics. Get more information:

    Other child and family support programs

    The Direction de santé publique is responsible, in collaboration with various partners, for planning and implementing support activities for children and families. These activities concern two main themes: parenting skills and the development of personal and social skills of children from 0 to 5 years old, for example the management of emotions.

    Y’a personne de parfait (Y’APP) program

    This program includes eight meetings for the parents of children aged 5 and under. The goal is to:

    • Help parents better understand their child’s development.
    • Help parents learn and use new tools to have a good relationship with their child.
    • Make parents aware of the importance of meeting their own needs.
    • Help parents develop greater confidence in their different roles.

    For more information, contact Info-Social option 2 or the Démarre le chargement du fichierlist of organizations offering this program in Laval. 

    Brindami program

    The Brindami program promotes social behaviour in children aged 0 to 5. The goal is to help children develop basic social and communication skills, help them express emotions, and help them with self-control and problem-solving. In Laval, the Brindami program is available at a number of educational childcare facilities (CPEs, family day cares, and private day cares). 

    Are you a parent and would like to know if the Brindami program or another social skills development program is offered in your child's daycare setting? Do not hesitate to contact your daycare or your CPE to find out more!