Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

Other Researchers Affiliated with the JRH

List of current projects

(Note: not all projects are conducted on site at the JRH)

Dr. Debbie Ehrmann-Feldman

  • Determinants of involvement in active physical and other leisure activities in children and youth with juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Development and validation of a clinical quantitative postural evaluation tool in adolescent scoliosis
  • Association between childhood head injury and subsequent suicide
  • Organisation plan for appropriate services offered to patients with possible scoliosis

Dr. Erika Gisel

  • Assessment and treatment of individuals with neurologically based eating impairments
  • Influence of age and diagnosis, mental retardation, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity on feeding abilities in children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Effect of repetitive behaviors on motor performance of children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Examination of psychometric properties for a reliable and valid mealtime assessment in patients with tracheostomy

Dr. Lucyna Lach

  • Building a profile of children with disabilities who are part of the child welfare system,
  • Development and testing of models that address determinants of quality of life in youth with epilepsy and cerebral palsy.
  • Documenting and testing a model about the health of caregivers of youth with disabilities using the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth in Canada
  • PARENTING MATTERS! The Biopsychosocial Context Of Parenting Children With Neurodevelopmental Disorders In Canada

Dr. Annette Majnemer

  • Determinants of participation in leisure activities and quality of life of adolescents with cerebral palsy
  • Determinants of active involvement in leisure for youth born premature or with a congenital heart defect
  • Handwriting performance prior to and following initiation of stimulant medication in children with ADHD
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic factors influencing involvement in active physical and other leisure activities in children and youth with juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Leisure participation in young children with global developmental delay
  • Promoting knowledge translation and exchange: Cerebral palsy demonstration project; as part of Network Center of Excellence (NCE) NeuroDevNet

Dr. Laurie M. Snider

  • Longitudinal follow-up study of developmental and functional sequellae of extremely low birth weight infants
  • Patterns of recreation, leisure and participation in children with High Functioning Autism
  • The ability of the General Movements Assessment to determine fine motor abilities in children born preterm
  • Hippotherapy as a means to develop social participation and self care in young children with cerebral palsy
  • Development of CP-Engine: a Web-based Knowledge Translation Tool for children with cerebral palsy using simple web-based strategies to promote knowledge exchange for ‘best evidence’ in the clinical community

Dr. Paul J. Stapley

  • The organization of feed-forward postural adjustments for posture and voluntary movement coordination
  • Postural adjustments during unexpected changes of final goal during voluntary movements
  • Vestibular and visual contributions to postural adjustments accompanying voluntary movements during stance
  • Stretch reflex contributions to feed-forward postural adjustments