Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

Childhood Disability

The Research Unit on Childhood Disability is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the mechanisms of impairment in children with disabling conditions, the outcomes associated with childhood disability (impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions, impact on family), and the rehabilitation services provided to children and their families, including the identification of personal and environmental factors that impact functioning. The methodologies used include biomedical approaches, clinical research, population studies as well as health services research.

List of current projects

Dr. Barbara Mazer

  • Randomized clinical trial comparing two approaches to providing rehabilitation services to children with primary language impairment: individual versus dyad intervention
  • Utilization of rehabilitation and educational services for children with disabling conditions and the factors associated with providing quality services
  • Determining the factors associated with medical and rehabilitation services for children with motor impairments, using data from the Canadian Participation and Activity Limitation Survey
  • Clinical management of musculoskeletal injuries in active children
  • Development and validation of the Assessment of Computer Task Performance for Children
  • Evaluation of a home program for management of positional torticollis in infants