Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

Neuromuscular Control & Hand Rehabilitation

The Research Unit on Neuromuscular Control & Hand Rehabilitation is dedicated to the potential applications of motor learning research in the assessment and rehabilitation of the hand for individuals with neurological disorders such as stroke. A novel haptic interface is being developed to train specific functions of the hand. Subjects will perform exercises customized to their functional impairments using this interface which can be used both for training and assessment. Measurements of force and displacement will be combined with EMG measurements to monitor progress.

Fundamental and clinical studies on inner ear disorders and dizziness resulting from these disorders are also conducted in this research unit. New evaluation tools and treatment protocols are currently being developed and validated.

List of current projects

Dr. Theodore E. Milner

  • Development of a robotic workstation to deliver therapy for a wide range of impairments, involving either hand
  • Creation of therapeutic exercises which target impairments in grip strength, finger extension and coordination of wrist and finger motion
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of robot-assisted rehabilitation of hand function after stroke for bimanual activities of daily living