Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

Cardiorespiratory Assessment & Training

The Research Unit on Cardiorespiratory Assessment & Training is dedicated to research aimed at assessing and improving cardiorespiratory function and exercise capacity in individuals who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as well as those who have suffered a stroke or spinal cord injury. Areas of research includeunderstanding the mechanisms underlying exercise limitation and the effects of various adjunct therapies such as mechanical ventilation for improving the effectiveness of pulmonary rehabilitation. Research is also focused onrespiratory muscle dysfunction, respiratory muscle training and the interactions between breathing, balance, posture and locomotion in stroke patients.

List of current projects

Dr. Jadranka Spahija

  • Use of the VICON motion capture system in assessing the interaction of respiratory, postural and locomotor controls in healthy individuals and stroke patients
  • Effect of non-invasive ventilatory support on maximum exercise capacity and exercise endurance in individuals with COPD