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  • Dyslipidemia (cholesterol) education workshops

    Workshop description

    The Cible Santé team from the CISSS de Laval runs a series of meetings on dyslipidemia led by a nurse, nutritionist and kinesiologist.

    The workshop goals are to help you:

    • Better understand dyslipidemia (target values, causes, medication)
    • Know the recommended diet for people with dyslipidemia (dietary fat, balanced meals, nutrition labels, meals at restaurants)
    • Learn the importance of physical activity to manage dyslipidemia (benefits, recommendations)

    Who are these workshops for?

    For people aged 18 and over who have dyslipidemia. To be eligible, you must reside, work or study in Laval or be followed by a doctor in Laval.

    You must have a referral from a health professional (doctor, nurse, kinesiologist, nutritionist, social worker). Démarre le chargement du fichier Here is the  form to be completed by your health professional.

    Workshop format

    • Several sessions held throughout the year
    • The sessions are free
    • Three 2-hour meetings
    • Group format
    • A recognized approach to help you
    • Available at the Laval Ambulatory Care Centre and the CLSC de Sainte-Rose
    • Offered in French only

    Who do I contact for these services?

    Call the program’s administrative officer.
    Phone: 450-978-8300 (option 1), ext. 13169