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  • Your treatment

    The Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval has 4 identical radiation therapy rooms. 

    Your treatment may take place in any one of these rooms. Don't worry: you will receive the same treatment no matter what room you are in.


    • Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time.
    • Scan your hospital card at the basement reception desk and make sure that your name appears on the computer screen. This will notify staff in the treatment room that you have arrived.
    • Stay in the main waiting area until you are called for your treatment.
    • When your name is called, go to the secondary waiting area next to your treatment room to change.

    For confidentiality purposes, anyone accompanying you must stay in the main waiting room. However, they can come with you to meet your different health care professionals.

    Stay in the secondary waiting area. When you are called a second time, go to the treatment room with your hospital card.

    Note that a technologist will come and get you from the waiting room for your first treatment.

    Bring a reusable bag that you can keep your clothes in. Lockers are available; however, do not leave any valuables in them as they are not locked.


    The treatment room is a private area. Out of respect for other users, please wait until you are called before entering the room.

    If you have a question, please ask at the reception desk first.

    What to expect during your radiation therapy

    At each treatment, you will be in the same position as you were during the planning scan. The technologists will move you so that the tattooed dots are centred under the positioning lasers (watch the video by clicking on the image). 

    The red lasers in the treatment room are for positioning purposes only. They are not dangerous and are no longer used once you are in position.

    During your positioning and treatment: 

    • Do not move or try to help the technologists when they move you.
    • Breathe normally.
    • If you have to cough or sneeze, avoid putting your hand in front of your mouth to limit your movements.
    • You can bring music to help you relax.


    All visits take place in the CICL basement (lower).

    Your schedule will include the times and dates of the following appointments:  

    • radiation treatment
    • appointments with your radiation oncologist
    • appointments with your nurse clinician
      • depending on your treatment plan

    • appointment with your speech therapist or nutritionist 
      • depending on your treatment plan

    You may have an appointment that is “to be determined.”

    Your treatment room technologists will inform you of the time of this appointment about 48 hours in advance.

    Our devices require monthly maintenance to run properly, which impacts the treatment room schedule. Your treatment may therefore be in another room or your appointment time may be changed.


    Tx externe : External beam radiation therapy
    Visite – Inf clinique RO – ODD :                                    
    Visite – inf clinique RO Tx :  
    These 2 visits are held at the same time with the department clinical nurse.
    Visite – RO – Traitement : Follow-up visit with your treating radiation oncologist (or this person’s back-up) during your treatments 

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