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  • Side effects

    Side effects vary depending on many factors such as:

    • How many treatments you have 
    • The total dose of your treatment
    • Your sensitivity to the radiation
    • The body region being treated
    • The amount of tissue treated

    Note that your daily dose is always the same. The accumulation of doses is what creates side effects.

    Each person will experience different side effects; you are unique and so is your treatment.

    Side effects will be gradual. As soon as you notice them, tell your health care team, as they can help you. You will get personalized recommendations depending on your specific treatment.

    The radiation continues to work even over the weekend, so you must continue to follow the recommendations given.

    Rest assured that your health care team will be there to support and reassure you throughout your radiation therapy journey.


    It is normal to experience more fatigue during your treatment. However, many patients still continue most of their normal activities (working, golfing, gardening, bowling, etc.). Simply adjust your activities to your energy level and respect your limits.


    Your sex life may be affected by the side effects of treatment or simply because of the stress of your situation. You can meet with a sex therapist if you feel the need. Ask your technologist, nurse or doctor.


    Your skin may react to the treatments. Even if the dose is administered deep within your tissues, your skin will absorb part of it. Some treatments don't cause redness while others do. You will get specific recommendations if your treatment causes irritation or redness.

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