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  • Healing arts project

    A lot of research has shown that hospital art initiatives have many benefits on health. The CISSS de Laval therefore started a healing arts project to provide these physical and mental health benefits to cancer patients. 

    The healing arts project creates a positive experience for patients at the CICL by exposing them to meaningful art, engaging them in communication, and encouraging (without forcing) them to get involved in this initiative.

    Projects were selected from a call for works in visual arts and music that give patients a transformative arts experience during their time at the CICL. Music recitals and concerts in the CICL’s common areas create a more welcoming ambiance and a more festive atmosphere during holidays, such as Christmas.

    Our partners

    The 2014-2015 healing arts project was made possible thanks to a donation from Scotiabank to the Fondation Cité de la Santé. We are very pleased to continue this wonderful and beneficial project for all patients at the CICL.