Measures for childbirth during the pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, special measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of users and staff. Rest assured that your prenatal care will continue as prescribed by your health professional. However, pregnant women can no longer be accompanied to their medical appointments, whether at the hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. No partners, support persons or children are admitted.

NEW MESURES as of June 22, 2020

The spouse will be authorized during the second trimester ultrasound (between 19 and 22 weeks).

During labour, delivery and the postpartum stay, only the partner/support person will be admitted, if he or she does not present any risk of COVID-19 infection. Additional measures will also apply if your newborn needs to be admitted to the neonatal unit. Please note that all rooms are on lockdown in all the units of our facility and that visitors are not permitted.

We understand that these measures may interrupt your routine and disrupt the plan you had in mind for your labour and delivery. But remember that these measures are necessary to protect you, your baby and medical personnel.


Consult the measures implemented for mothers and infants:

Mother-Infant Care Continuum (delivery room and Mother/Infant unit)

  • The partner/support person can be present during labour, delivery and the postpartum stay, even in the event of a positive COVID-19 test, but must be asymptomatic. Anyone with a cough or breathing difficulties, or unable to tolerate wearing a mask will not be admitted.   
  • All patients are confined to their room. Parents cannot move freely in the hospital. It is not permitted to exit the room. Only one parent at a time is allowed to leave the room to visit a newborn admitted to the neonatal unit. The partner/support person can also go to the security desk at the main entrance to pick up a food delivery or  Démarre le chargement du fichierpersonal effects (in French only).
  • Meals will be served to the partner/support person during the hospital stay.

Parents and visitors to the neonatal unit: 

  • Parents who have tested positive for COVID-19 cannot visit their newborn, except under special circumstances (for humanitarian reasons). 
  • Only one parent at a time can visit the newborn. All parents are confined to their hospital room, when applicable. 
  • Parents cannot move freely in the hospital or leave the hospital.
  • If the hospital stay is extended, parents may be authorized to leave the hospital and come back to visit their baby, if prevention and infection control measures are strictly applied. 
  • No visitors other than the parents will be allowed.