Measures for childbirth during the pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, special measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of users and staff. Rest assured that your prenatal care will continue as prescribed by your health professional. However, pregnant women can no longer be accompanied to their medical appointments, whether at the hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. No partners, support persons or children are admitted.


The spouse will be authorized during the second trimester ultrasound (between 19 and 22 weeks).

At the time of childbirth and during the postnatal stay, only the second parent or a significant person is admitted. If this person is at risk of infection with COVID-19, he must present himself at the same time as the user.

Customers at risk of COVID-19 infection will be placed in isolation and confined in the dedicated area. Measures are also in place if your newborn baby is admitted to the neonatal unit. Please note that no visitors will be allowed in the care units of the Mother-Child Continuum, Neonatology and Pediatrics.

We are well aware that these measures upset your habits and the scenario that you had made of your pregnancy and childbirth follow-up. However, these are in place for your well-being, that of your newborn baby and the safety of all.

Consult the measures implemented for mothers and infants:

Mother-Infant Care Continuum (delivery room and Mother/Infant unit)

  • The second parent, or significant other, is admitted for childbirth and postnatal stay, even if they have a Covid + result. However, he must wear protective measures as required by the nursing staff in place. Anyone with difficulty breathing or who cannot tolerate wearing a mask will not be admitted.
  • Pending or absence of the Covid-19 result or positive COVID-19 result, confinement to the room for all parents is required. No exit from the room is permitted.
  • Following a negative result, parents will be able to move around the hallways in moderation. One parent at a time is allowed to go out to the neonatal clinic if their baby is admitted there. It is also possible for the significant other to go to the main entrance, security guards station to pick up a food delivery or to look for the Démarre le chargement du fichierpersonal effects (in french only).
  • Meals will be served to the confined accompanying person during the period of hospitalization.

Parents and visitors to the neonatal unit: 

  • Parents who test positive for COVID-19 cannot visit their babies, except in exceptional circumstances (humanitarian visit).
  • Both parents are allowed to visit their baby at the same time, except when neonatal traffic does not allow 2 meters of distance. No bedroom confinement for all parents, until further notice.
  • Parents can move around and are allowed to leave the hospital and return to visit their babies, if strict infection prevention and control measures are in place.
  • No visitors other than parents will be allowed.

Last update October 5, 2020