Caregivers (CHSLD)

Caregivers can get information along with the instructions to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic from the CHSLD.

Le retour des proches aidants dans les milieux de vie

Resuming support at a CHSLD

As of May 11, 2020, significant caregivers can provide support to residents in long-term care as long as they comply with specific conditions. This announcement was made by François Legault, Premier of Quebec, and Marguerite Blais, Minister Responsible for Seniors and Informal Caregivers.

In the current circumstances, “significant support” means assistance and support, particularly moral support and comfort, provided by caregivers on a daily basis or several times a week.

The CISSS de Laval has established procedures for its CHSLDs to admit caregivers who had been regularly providing support to meet a loved one’s needs with safety measures in place that comply with all infection prevention and control directives.

We want to welcome you and provide you with the best information possible for your return. We will give you a consent form to sign and train you on how to wear personal protective equipment.

We will schedule an appointment for your first visit to provide you with information, the form and the training. For subsequent visits, you will be asked to sign the attendance register and follow the infection control guidelines before visiting your loved one.

Le CISSS de Laval a mis en place les moyens afin d’accueillir ceux d’entre vous qui avaient déjà l’habitude d’être présents régulièrement auprès de leur proche hébergé pour lui offrir du soutien en réponse à ses besoins, tout en assurant un cadre sécuritaire qui respecte toutes les directives de prévention et de contrôle des infections.

Nous souhaitons vous accueillir de la meilleure façon qui soit, vous informer, vous présenter le formulaire de consentement, vous donner toutes les consignes sur le port des équipements de protection individuelle. 

Pour ce faire, nous conviendrons avec vous d’un rendez-vous pour votre première visite. Pour vos visites subséquentes, vous aurez à signer le registre de présence et suivre les directives de prévention des infections avant de visiter votre proche.

  • You must be known to the centre for your significant involvement with the resident.
  • Only one caregiver at a time may visit the resident.
  • Do not go to the CHSLD if you are in isolation or have flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell).
  • Sign the consent form stating that you have made an informed and voluntary decision and have full knowledge of the risks associated with your visit (risk of contracting the virus or spreading it to your family member).
  • By signing this form, you agree to adopt the required practices to ensure your safety and that of your loved one, other residents and staff.
  • Sign the attendance register when you arrive at the CHSLD. 
  • Be familiar with and follow all infection prevention and control measures (performing hand hygiene and wearing personal protective equipment, i.e., a mask, visor, gown and gloves).
  • Use only the equipment provided by the institution (no personal masks).
  • Do not bring any objects, such as purses, phones, etc., to the CHSLD.
  • If you bring a home-cooked meal for your loved one, the container must be disinfected beforehand.
  • Wear clean clothes to the residence and change clothes when you get back home and wash them.
  • Caregivers must stay in the resident’s room and respect social distancing measures. You are not allowed to walk freely around the unit or the CHSLD.
  • During your first visits, you will be accompanied to the room of the person you are visiting. 
  • You must leave the room during any aerosol-generating procedures (i.e., that produce droplets).

If family caregivers do not follow these instructions, they may have their access to the CHSLD revoked.

Thank you in advance for your invaluable cooperation.


For questions about the condition of a loved one at a CHSLD

Each long-term care facility has a psychosocial support team that can answer specific questions about residents. To answer your question, this team will follow up with staff and the resident or consult the resident’s record. The team can also set up a call between users and their families over Messenger or FaceTime. 

Loved ones can reach this team by calling the institution’s phone number and choosing option 6. 

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