Living with a child with Tourette’s : An ever-changing experience

Workshop description

Goals : 

  • Better inform parents about Tourette’s syndrome
  • Break the isolation of parents
  • Help parents increase their feeling of competence with their children and help them better adapt their home environment to the needs of their child

Topics :  

  • What is Tourette’s syndrome? 
  • Values and beliefs
  • Supervision, discipline and communication
  • Anger and emotion management
  • Independence and sensory issues
  • Self-esteem 

Who are these workshops for?

The parents of a child who has Tourette’s syndro

Workshop format 

  • Nine meetings, 2 hours per week
  • At the Ouvre un lien interne dans la fenêtre couranteCLSC de Sainte-Rose, 280 Roi-du-Nord Boulevard, Laval
  • Offered in French only 

Who do I contact to register?

Contact Ms. Catherine Caron

450-687-5691, ext. 82841.