Service quality and complaints

Are you satisfied with the care and services you received?
Let us know!

The CISSS de Laval has a dedicated and qualified team who wants provide you with the best possible care and services. Client satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We’re always happy to get your feedback. Your comments are appreciated by our employees, who do whatever they can every day to make patients feel comfortable and to provide quality services.

To send us your comments, please contact us at  Ouvre une fenêtre pour la rédaction du

Are you dissatisfied with any care or services you received or didn’t receive?

Tell us!

We need to know about these situations too. No matter how professional our staff members are and no matter how hard they work to meet your needs, you may still be dissatisfied with the quality of care and services that you received or should have received.

Expressing your dissatisfaction can be a very good thing, as you can help us improve the quality of our services. We encourage you to let us know about anything that might help us get better.

For any complaint, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, we invite you to talk about the situation with the staff members involved or with the department manager. This is often enough to solve the problem.
  2. If you feel that this first approach hasn’t solved the problem and you want to make a formal complaint, or if your complaint is about a doctor, please contact the  Office of the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner.