Anxiety Self-Management Workshop

The psychoeducational workshops offered as part of Revivre’s "J'avance!" program provides self-management support— a proven approach that is gaining recognition as a key component in effectively treating people living with mood and anxiety disorders.

This series of workshops will enhance your self-management skills.

"J'avance!" program proposes an intensive 10 week series of workshops hosting a maximum of 12 participants.

The workshops offers: 

  • a different topic each week
  • a wealth of theoretical information
  • practical exercises carried out each week
  • group interventions
  • discussions as an integral part of each workshop

Key themes of the workshops

  • Improving self-observation, self-knowledge, and observation of anxiety
  • Identifing anxiety triggers and maintenance factors
  • Learning about techniques to reduce anxiety levels
  • Understanding the role of avoidance and exposure
  • Exploring the acceptance process and committed action
  • Examining filters of perception and their influence on anxiety
  • Considering the relationship between yourself, anxiety, and others
  • Aiming to reclaim your health and take an active role in managing anxiety 

About the workshops

  • Workshops are held in English: participants must have fluency in English.
  • No cost to participate.
  • Participants must commit to attending the10-week sessions.
  • It is not necessary to have been diagnosed with anxiety to participate in this group.

Date and location of the workshops

Every Tuesday, September 24th to November 26th 2019
4: 15 PM to 6:45 PM

3860, Notre-Dame Boulevard, suite 305
Laval, Qc  H7W 1S7

To register

Call (450) 687-5691, extension 81022